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The company missing-pen was founded in May 2002, by Rolf Thiel. At this point in time, he could already look back on years of experience through his activities in the family-run stationery business. Aaron Magin, nephew of Rolf Thiel, has been enriching the company missing-pen since 2021.We see ourselves as a global acting company, that existes on service and customer.
In our eBay-Store of writing instruments, anyone, from businessman up to the one-time buyers will find his pen.
We are happy to also supply purchasers of larger quantities of goods. A conscientious and efficient processing of your order we see for granted.

Our product range

Besides high-quality, german writing-instruments, we carry selected international brand products & matching accessories.
At our store, for example you can discover Pelikan, Lamy, Rotring, Waterman, Parker & many other brands. We do not limit ourselves solely to the current range, but also carry numerous individual pieces from the past century.
About that, we offer the right accessories for your new (old) writer, whether-cases, feathers, parts or more.
Use our offer: order directly via email and save on shipping costs from a purchase value of € 100 / US $ 100.  (For the smooth running of your order, please send uscorresponding eBay link or detailed description.)
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Our brands ( selection )





• Waterman


• Pelikan



• Faber Castell


• Rotring



• Lamy


• Parker



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missing-pen (81 von 138)
missing-pen (95 von 112)
Wa.-FH.Serenite.Wood.Brown  (10)
missing-pen (18 von 81)
missing-pen (37 von 112)
missing-pen (116 von 117)
Wa.-KS.Patrician.green.with box  (6)
missing-pen (55 von 60)
missing-pen (74 von 119)
missing-pen (120 von 211)
missing-pen (193 von 211)
unbenannt (70 von 77)
missing-pen (47 von 134)


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