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Is writing by hand still relevant?

Laptops, tablets and smartphones have long since replaced writing instruments and made them unnecassary. Today, in most cases, we write because we want to and not because we have to.

We at missing-pen try not to hold on to old times. Rather, we believe that the digital world is a great benefit to our society. We don't want to see writing by hand as a contradiction to today, but are convinced that both are justified. A ballpoint pen or a pencil is still the most direct and easiest way to organize your thoughts, capture ideas, take notes & much more.

Handwritten words are bringing a new dimension to personality and appreciation. Who doesn't look forward to a card or a letter on important occasions or just in between? If we still fill up a fountain pen these days and make the first line on a piece of paper to write a letter, it is certainly because the recipient and the content are very important to us. Such messages deserve to be written with special attention. We think that this is impossible via a digital medium.

"Pen and ink are the voice of the soul."

We think that there will always be a community and a fascination for writing instruments worldwide. For some, writing is an art, for others it is just functional. You can create something with your own hands with an accuracy and intensity that is second to none. This is supported by a variety of ink colors and nib sizes. Immerse yourself in a world that can slow down the stressful everyday life and help you to focus on the important things again.

We observe that individuality is becoming increasingly important. Feel free to visit our steadily growing online shop. There you will find numerous new items and a high-quality selection of collector's items that have been tested for you.

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